The full Immigrant set, worn by Vendetta.


On 11/25/2010, as part of an initiative to make it into the Skillful rank of United Clothing Makers of ROBLOX, Vendetta released a shirt he had been working on, known simply as "IDK". The shirt featured shading which was random colors because he hadn't thought of a color scheme yet. A day later, Vendetta uploaded the colored version. This version was deleted shortly after uploading due to him putting suggestive text in the template's title. Finally, on 12/13/2010, Vendetta re-uploaded the shirt, and as a thanks to all his fans, made it 1 tix/robux.

On 7/4/2011, as part of his first big clothing release, Vendetta uploaded matching pants to the Immigrant Shirt and made them 1 tix/robux as well.


Vendetta's Immigrant clothes feature a two-color trench coat (which is different from the pwnage trench coats), shoulder pad, rainbow sleeve, and wrist cast, to name a few things.

Right ArmEdit

Over the top of the right arm is an iron shoulder pad which is studded with rainbow jewels and a large red jewel on top. Below that is a lavender sleeve with red and blue embedded designs on the edge of it, a green heart, and an orange fringe with a blue smiley face on it.

Left ArmEdit

Over the top of the left arm is a wrist cast and strangely-colors bands that overlap each other. Below that is a partially-ripped rainbow-colored sleeve with a shoulder button.

Torso and PantsEdit

The torso and pants are 3 layers thick;

Layer 1Edit

On layer 1 (the outmost layer) there is an open trench coat which is half blue and half red. The inside of the jacket (seen on the flaps) is pink and cyan with a V logo on the cyan part. On the coat is an encircling design that is orange on the red part and purple on the blue part. On the back of the coat is the V logo at the point where the design colors meet, making the V two-toned.

Layer 2Edit

On layer 2 (the middle layer) is an open black polo of some sorts. This layer is exclusive to the shirt, and the pants do not feature a middle layer.

Layer 3Edit

On layer 3 (the inmost layer) there is a purple tee on the shirt and purple jeans with purple shoes on the pants.