fuck that redirect shit I'm writing about myself(raegirl) and you better not edit this Shawn or I'll flick you off on facebook later lol

anywayss like I was saying, raegirl (Of course, me :D) is pretty much an asshole who likes to destroy relationships (mine particularly, and I don't do it on purpose, I just be an a-hole to test if that person will stay with me and stand me, etc. ) and is asian. I did horrible things to him and he kinda did the same (not as harsh though) but somehow I still like him :/ no matter what me or him to each other, I always will like him.nvmm that changed :D I don't really like him now

I can't really control the instinct to get mad at him for random shit he does, I really can't. That sounds like total bullshit right there. I guess it just comes to me sometimes, especially when reading this wiki. Maybe I should stop reading this, but I do like reading it. Not to get pissed, but for entertainment reasons. I guess I'll go, because I feel as if I'm releasing too much info. :/